Jeremy Zach

Youth minister and Navy Chaplain

Hola!  I am Jeremy and I work as a Presbyterian youth minister and Lieutenant Naval Chaplain.  I’ve been lucky enough to work in the trenches of youth ministry via church and ministry consulting work for 18 years.  With my educational degrees, military leadership and chaplain training fused with my youth ministry experiences and observations — it has provided me a robust perspective and knowledge to articulate tactical solutions to youth ministries biggest issues.

Providing Youth Ministry Traning For Over 10 Years

My Credentials

  • BA Communication Studies, University of Minnesota
  • Master’s of Divinity, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Graduate of Naval Officer Development School
  • Completed Naval Professional Chaplaincy School

My Goal For Rockstar Youth Ministry

Lead youth effectively and rock on!  I want to offer unmatched solutions in youth ministry leadership, strategy for youth groups under 50 students.  I have been around the youth ministry game for a bit and I needed a place to download my learnings after working with thousands of youth ministries.  I learned so much I had to get back into the youth ministry trenches.


Self Development

Leading a youth ministry is hard. It’s important to stay sharp by taking care of yourself. I will share techniques on how to become more mentally tough in the day to day youth ministry grind.

Youth Ministry Leadership

Lead.  Win.  That’s the goal.  Everything hangs on leadership which is why writing about leadership will dominate this website.  Everyone can see a bad leader but good leaders are very rare.



Every context is different and unique.  So you don’t need some plug and play, generic ministry strategy to develop your program.  You need a contextual perspective on what to do for your youth group of 50 or below.

Youth Culture

The great thing about youth culture it’s always changing.  I will keep up with the latest and greatest trends about today’s students we see everyday and shed light on how we can respect and engage our students despite all the negative press about the students we lead.

Outreach & Discipleship Strategy

Practical tested solutions on how to reach students who don’t care  about God and how to grow a 21st century digitally distracted teenager who doesn’t want to hear our canned talks.

Preaching & Teaching

Students don’t remember what you teach them. They don’t give a rip about your pretty bottom lines. I will explore different methods on engaging today’s students when they are disengaged and distracted and bored with the standardized youth group talks.