Youth group is very important. 

Why should a youth ministry exist?

A youth pastor needs to have a great response to why youth ministry and youth group is important and provide examples of it’s value.  

Some will question the existence of youth ministry for the reasons of:

– Students don’t need their own youth group when they are fully integrated in the church body

– Parents are the primary influence so it’s up to the parent to spiritually lead their student

NCFIC ( National Center for Family Integrated Churches) Director Scott T. Brown told The Christian Post that today’s modern concept of youth ministry is a “50-year failed experiment.  

“The church has become divided generationally,” Brown said. “It’s not doing what Scripture prescribes and is actually doing something foreign to Scripture by dividing people by age or by life stage.”

“The whole point is that God has spoken clearly about the discipleship of youth in the Bible,” he explained. “Scripture is sufficient. It’s time to get beyond the age of modern, systematic age-segregated youth ministry. We need to put it aside.”

If the church really is doing it’s job than why have a youth group?

I think think differently.  Youth group and youth ministries are very important.


Here’s why:

–  Jesus gets upset when others hinder kids and students from coming to Him.  We need to consider that Jesus really cares for our kids so we must create places and spaces for them to connect to God.

–  Students need their own space to work out their faith.  Their spiritual development requires spcific life stage context to help them grow in their faith.

–  Youth pastors represent the students of the church.  Youth pastors are like attorney’s for teens who advocate and fight for students to have influence in the church.  Youth pastors have an unquie opportunity to help others in the church understand, relate and connect with students.

The best youth ministry books that make great cases for the value of youth ministry are these two books:

End of Youth Ministry

4 Views of youth ministry