Your youth ministry Spring, Summer and maybe Fall plan has been thrown upside down.  What do you do? Is there a training on how to lead a youth ministry through a pandemic?  No.  Not at all.

Youth pastors must be…..

Patient — Waiting without complaining in order to get the right information

Preserve — Hold tight with a smile while researching next steps and waiting to open their youth ministry now

Plan — Start writing out a plan on how to do youth ministry opening

Depending on what state or church leadership structure your youth ministry is under, youth groups are either already open or planning to open.

How can youth pastors write out a tactical plan to make parents, students, community leaders and church leaders feel good about moving forward?

It’s safe to say most youth pastors are chumping at the bit to get back into the trenches.  Our vitural youth group philosophy has stalled out and it’s imperative we get back to what we do best — creating relational environments for students to connect with each other and God.

I put together a rockstar youth pastor tactical COVID-19 plan:

(1) The Safe Environment and COVID-19 Plan [click here to get the plan]. I did the work and research to develop the plan.  I consulted with other youth pastors in different contexts all across the USA, CDC guidelines, American Camp Associations and practical steps in order to re-open our youth ministries.

(2) Get the book:  The Quick Guide For Counseling Teenagers.  This quick reference guide is by Chap Clark who deeply values mental health as a youth pastor veteran.  Teenagers have been isolated for a few months now and they are on mental edges.  General anxiety and social anxiety are on high alerts.  It’s very important the youth pastor or youth worker equip themselves with how to recognize anxiety and how to address anxiety within today’s teens.  These are the times where youth ministry is very important.

Develop the plan and be ready to engage in a lot of pastoral care to lock arms with today’s teens as they navigate thier mental health.